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Dust Freedom

Sharp DW-J27FV-S (67m²)

Sharp DW-J27FV-S (67m²)

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Sharp DW-J27FV-S  

Unique Technologies

  • Plasmaclasuter Ion Technology
    • Plasmacluster Ion technology is an original Sharp sanitising technology that purifies the air by emitting positive and negative ions. Plasmacluster Ion technology deactivates suspended airborne mould, viruses, dust mite allergens and bacteria. It attacks a wide range of odours including pet dander and cigarette smoke.
  • Smart Dehumidifying features

    • Sharp DW-J27FV-S Air and humidifier is equipped with intelligent humidity sensor and automatic dehumidification system by compressor. The smart dehumidifier has the ability to automatically detect humidity and display the humidity level through the screen. The dehumidifier will catch all moisture in the air takes into the machine then condensing into water.
  • Large capacity
    • With dehumidifying capacity at standard conditions up to 27 liters / day, which the machine has the ability to meet the air purification and dehumidification for standard rooms up to 67m2, and of course the room area Area up to 20m2, 30m2 it can still be used normally.
  • Application of several modern technologies
    • 4-sensor system : Micro dust, toxic air odor, air humidity, air temperature. Will help the machine itself to recognize air pollution and high or low humidity to automatically give the optimal running speed and we can also control the situation through the parameters shown on the screen.
    • Large LCD : Welding large LCD displays in real time all the important parameters in the room such as Ultra fine PM2.5 dust, bad smells, toxic gases, humidity in the room and also room temperatures.
    • Other useful features: Set desired humidity, handy shutdown timer, smart child lock, alarms and reminders to clean filter cartridges, alerts and automatic shutdown when water is full, continuous desiccant, automatic drainage ...

Air filtration, powerful bactericidal: Sharp DW-J27FV-S is equipped with sensitive sensor, traditional 03-layer filter system along with Plasmacluster ion ion technology exclusive density up to 7000 ions / cm3 will help the machine quickly remove dirt, bacteria and mold. In addition, the machine also has an impressive deodorizer to keep the air in the room always fresh, while the cleaning job has been reminded regularly. Widely used in life: In addition to the bedroom air purifier, the Sharp DW-J27FV-S can also be used in the living room, office, file storage room, furniture, equipment and food storage. . In addition, the machine also has a quite useful feature is drying clothes and eliminating odors and bactericidal on clothes .... helping us have a good experience and high value with the device on Sharp. Modern design with high usability: The product design with luxurious tones, adorned with a large LCD screen along with display parameters help us see a very modern product. Along electronic buttons help us choose a lot of necessary features: filtering mode, machine speed, deodorizing mode, air reversing, drying, dehumidifying .... The machine is equipped with wheels to easily move, rotate to move stairs ... helping to quickly transfer the machine to rooms faster and safer. The Sharp DW-J27FV-S air purifier and dehumidifier satisfies a working space of up to 67m2, effective air purification, optimal moisture control, especially useful for all human living spaces.

Featured Technologies

  • Air filtration (HEPA filter)
  • Automatic Shut-off base on sensors
  • Continuous Drainage through the sewage
  • Set timer
  • 2-way automatic up and down air diffuser
  • Automatically turns off when tank is full



Manufacturer Sharp
Model DW-J27FV-S
Origin of Product Genuine Sharp (12 nationwide)
Recommended Area (m²) 67m²
Warranty 24 months
Desiccant capacity (L /day) 27L / day
Water tank capacity (L) 4.6 L
Continuous drain option Yes (sewage through pipes)
Sensors Humidity, Temperature, PM2.5 dust, odor
Bucket full indicator Yes, Auto shut off
Humidity display LCD screen displays gradation, actual humidity
Number of Filters 3 filters (Coarse filter+Carbon filter + HEPA filter)
Capture and reduction of growth Airborne microbes/ Viruses / Tree Pollen / Dust Mite feces / Dust mite remains
Power consumption (Max)(W) 220 W
Operation mode Air filter, Desiccant, Drying clothes, Deodorizing odor
Dimension (mm) 359 x 665 x 303 mm
Weight (kg) 17.8 kg
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