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Dust Freedom

Electrolux EDH10TRBW1

Electrolux EDH10TRBW1

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Dehumidifier Electrolux EDH10TRBW

On humid days, Electrolux EDH12SDAW dehumidifier really plays a very important role in daily life. High humidity will directly affect the health of family members, especially children and people suffering from allergies. It also makes the floor slippery, the walls always damp, objects in the house gets molds and damage, especially for wood and electronics, clothes, blankets, etc. An Electrolux EDH16SDAW dehumidifier will be a great solution, it will ensure it is always maintained.

What is the purpose of using Electrolux EDH12SDAW dehumidifier?

The main use of Electrolux EDH12SDAW dehumidifier is to control room humidity to suit the intended use. It is suitable for all rooms such as living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the storage room, the garage and basement. Additionally, the machine is suitable to human health, preventing the development of viruses, bacteria, dust mites, infectious diseases in the air and protecting household furniture from mold and odor problems bear. 

Technology & features

Condensation:   Using a rig via a cold condenser mechanism to separate moisture in the air into water and lead to a waste water tank or drain to a drainage system. Humidity setting:   With sensitive humidity sensor on the machine, you can set the desired humidity in your room, then it will automatically run and maintain that humidity during the process.   


Advantages Electrolux Dehumidifier EDH12SDAW

  • International brand comes from Sweden, manufactures and imports CBU from China.
  • 12-month product warranty gives you peace of mind about the quality and use of machine.
  • Principle of natural hygroscopic, environmentally friendly and high economic efficiency.
  • Operation is simple, efficient and reliable in protecting products, equipment ... from moisture in the air.
  • Electronic control with LCD screen displaying many modes and parameters.
  • Flexible, easy to install, move, clean as well as machine maintenance process.
  • High efficiency, investment costs and maintenance costs are much lower than using air conditioning.
Thus, Electrolux Dehumidifier EDH16SDAW is  suitable for areas (25m2 - 30m2) that need to control humidity in the air. Effective use for bedrooms, guests, food storage, electronics, warehouses, pharmacies ... helps control humidity at an optimal level in the air to create an environment with moisture.



Manufacturer Electrolux
Origin of Product (Company) China (Sweden)
Recommended Area (m²) 20m²
Warranty 12 months
Desiccant capacity 12L / day
Water tank capacity 3.3 L
Continuous drain option Yes
Indicator Humidity, Temperature
Bucket full indicator Yes, Auto shut off
Technologies  Pre-Filtration, Cold compressor, Auto Defrost
Power consumption (Max)(W) 230 W
Noise level (dB) (Max) 43 dB
Dimension (cm) 26 x 35 x 50 cm
Weight (kg) 12 kg
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