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Dust Freedom

Sharp DW-E16FA-W (38 m²)

Sharp DW-E16FA-W (38 m²)

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Unique Technologies

  • Air purifying systems
    • Plasma-cluster Ion technology is an original Sharp sanitising technology that purifies the air by emitting positive and negative ions. Plasma-cluster Ion technology deactivates suspended airborne mold, viruses, dust mite allergens and bacteria. It attacks a wide range of odors including pet dander and cigarette smoke.
    • It is equipped with dual deodorizing technology including Carbon charcoal filter and negative ion. The machine can eliminate all kinds of odor, mold smell, cigarette smoke, food, garbage and toilet to keep the air fresh.
    • The integrated odor and humidity sensor system helps the machine identify the odor pollutants present in your house as well as the amount of moisture in the air. The machine will actively handle in automatic mode without having to intervene.
    • Pollution warning light, which is a useful feature because the machine will give users the signal whether the current level of pollution in the air is good or bad.
    • Automatic mode ( Auto ) clean air and desiccant intelligent based on the sensor so that the machine can make the running speed most optimal for pollution levels.
  • Refrigerant cold compressor

    • Sharp DW-D16FA-W is equipped with a refrigeration compressor to absorb moisture in the air. Dehumidifier uses a compressed refrigerant to cool metal coils. The hot humid air that enters the dehumidifier condenses on these cool coils. This leaves the air that exhausts out of the dehumidifier still warm but drier than when it entered.
  • Clothes drying mode: Dry clothes with Laundry function in a way that naturally drying clothes, at the same time the machine eliminates bacteria and deodorizes clothes.
  • Dehumidification Mode:  A very smart and unique mode Balancing humidity, bringing moisture to prevent your room to the ideal level for people no matter how high the humidity in your room. The machine runs fully or automatically, as you like.
  • Deodorizing mode: Sharp dw-e16fa-w is equipped with dual deodorizing technology including Carbon charcoal filter and negative ion. The machine can eliminate many different kinds of odors: moldy smell, cigarette smoke, food, garbage, toilet .... to keep the air always clean, all odors.

Specification Details
Manufacturer Sharp
Model DW-E16FA-W
Origin of Product China
Recommended Area (m²) 38m²
Warranty 12 months
Desiccant Capacity (L/day) 16L / day
Water Tank Capacity (L) 3 L
Continuous Drain Option Yes
Sensors Humidity, Temperature, PM2.5 dust, odor
Bucket Full Indicator Yes, Auto shut off
Replacement Filters FZ-E16AHF (HEPA), FZ-E16ADF (active carbon filter)
Technologies HEPA-Filteration, Auto Defrost, Child lock
Capture and Reduction of Growth Airborne microbes, Viruses, Tree Pollen, Dust Mite feces, Dust mite remains
Power Consumption (W) 220 W
Number of Filters 3 filters (Prefilter, HEPA, odor filter)
Dimension (cm) 360 x 260 x 565 mm
Weight (kg) 12.2 kg
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