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Dust Freedom

Coway AP-1516D (50m²)

Coway AP-1516D (50m²)

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 Air-Purifier AP-1516D

Air purifier is essential in order to protect respiratory health. Air quality related health symptoms do not show up immediately, which often worsen our body conditions in the future.  Protect your body, Protect your family from the following pollution elements

Unique Technologies

Filtration system

    • Pre-filter : Treated with antibacterial materials and removes relatively large dust, pollen, mold, hair from people and pets and more
    • Customised filter – Customise own filter layouts that can be applied to many different conditions including moving in to new apartment and seasons as well. 
    • Deodorant filter – Eliminates smell from such food, noxious gas and unpleasant household odors.
    • HEPA filter – The high-performance HEPA filter effectively removes fine particles and cigarette smoke while the antibacterial and anti-mold functions of organic antibacterial materials eliminate germs and mold. Washing HEPA filter with liquid can damage filter life and its efficiency, eventually no longer provide security. 

Smart system

    • Our smart air control system enables our air purifiers to operate at optimal speeds by sensing and identifying the degree of indoor pollution in real time. Smart air quality indicator Real time indoor air quality is monitored by a particle sensors while the smart circle shows the indoor air quality by different colors.

Extra features

    • Odor sensor - It monitors indoor gases that produce bad odor and automatically controls the fan speed.
    • Dust sensor - Monitors the number of suspended dust particles and automatically controls the fan speed.
    • Specifications

      Specification Details
      Manufacturer Coway
      Country of Origin Korea
      Model Name AP-1516D
      Recommended Area 50m²
      Warranty Up to 24 months
      Replacement Filter Type HPEA AP-1516D
      Featured Technology Customized filter, Smart air control system, odor/dust sensor, pollution indication light
      Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 765 x 410 x 240
      Noise Level (Low/Max) 23 / 47 dB
      Air Flow (m³/hour) 492
      Sensor Dust sensor
      Pollution Indicator warning lamp: (Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Red)
      Color White
      Power Input (Low/Max) (W) 6 / 50 W
      Special Program Mode Filter membrane warning system, Silent mode
      Weight (kg) 12 kg
      Capture and Reduction of Growth Airborne microbes, Viruses, Tree Pollen, Dust Mite feces
      Air Purification - Deodorizing Pet odor, Body odor, Mold odor, Ammonia
      Dust Collection (Filter Life) Up to 2 years
      Humidifying Filter No
      Plug Type Type C (2 pin)
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