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AQblue Mask (with oil filter)

AQblue Mask (with oil filter)

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AQblue was founded on the idea of creating a modern pollution mask, not only in the sense of our mask’s technology and features, but also in our goals related to social and environmental responsibility.

Besides their consumer retail products, they encourage the free distribution of masks through their B2B sponsored masks program. They also work to reduce the mask's environmental impact through their factory's plastic recycling initiatives. Great masks, built on the accumulation of data-backed science, and made by a responsible company with an American level of quality assurance is what makes AQblue truly special.

Why Choose AQblue?


AQblue masks are your best choice for air pollution protection. Our masks come in 3 sizes (Large, Medium, and Small) to fit all ages (3+) and face types. AQblue masks filter over 95% over PM0.3 and over 99% of PM2.5. 

We designed our masks with comfort and color in mind. Our masks use a soft foam and proven design to keep the mask tight against your face without touching your mouth. Our light ventilation valves keep you cool and keep CO2 out of the mask. We also have a wide variety of colors to choose from so you can match your mask to your style.


AQblue masks resist degradation from oil particles on polluted roadways..

  • Available in Vietnam

  • Filters 95% of PM2.5

  • 1 color options (White)

  • Use for up to 20 hours (~2hrs /day for 10 polluted days)


AQblue manufactures innovative, pollution filtering masks that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Our masks are designed to safeguard public health in cities that are impacted by poor air quality.. An particle filter lines the entire mask. This filter captures more than 95% of dangerous, air pollution particles 0.3 microns – 2.5 microns (PM0.3 – PM2.5) in size.

Exposure to oil from engine exhaust can degrade a filter’s efficiency. AQblue’s filters resist degradation from oil particles, enabling them to hold their efficiency longer in environments polluted by vehicle exhaust.

We recommend this mask to be worn for up to 20 hours on congested roadways. For someone who wears a mask for 2 hours a day, the mask should remain effective for ~10 days.


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